WWE’s Veteran Virgil Claims Having S*x With A Million Women In His Lifetime, Netizens School Him Calculating “That’s One Woman Every 37.5 Minutes…”

WWE Superstar Virgil Opens Up About Having Slept With A Million Women ( Photo Credit – Still from WWE )

World Wrestling Entertainment has seen many superstars in the generation from old to new who have made headlines in the media for various reasons. Among them is Virgil who recently made an insane revelation that practically seems impossible. Check it out below.

Originally known as Michael Jones the wrestler was given his in-ring name by Bobby Heenan to take a dig at WWE legend Dusty Rhodes who was originally known as Virgil Runnels.

WWE veteran Virgil had made his appearance as a guest in “The Breadstick Diaries” podcast which was hosted by Vinny Vegas. During their conversation, the host read out a few fan questions and one of those answers was not expected to be heard by anyone. Well, it so happens that, one of the questions for the WWE legend read, “What’s your number Virgil, how many girls?” Replying to this Virgil replied, “I don’t know, maybe like… worldwide? Probably a million.”

Stunned by Virgil’s response, Vinny Vegas immediately popped up a question for the WWE superstar saying, “Virgil, come on, a million?”. But the wrestler did not stray away from his answer saying, “Yep, you’ve got like how many people in the world?” Confirming the details once again Vinny again asks, “So you’re claiming right now, you’re telling me, your estimated number of women you had s*x with is a million?”, To which the gives an affirmative response claiming to have very well done it.

These claims of the WWE veteran left the netizens in splits. Taking it to the comment section, one commented, “Okay, I did the math: Virgil was born April 7th, 1951. For him to been with 1,000,000 women, that’s an average of one women every 37.5 minutes of his entire life since birth.” Another one commented: “Impossible…don’t lie on your piece. And if you didn’t which he didn’t. He’s got every std ever… Men lie women lie numbers don’t lie. That means he had to be with 49 women a day since birth!” The third one commented, “No way. Ric Flair was THE man and had 10,000+. Sorry Virgil/Vincent/Soul Train Jones I don’t believe it.” The fourth one commented, “Lol yeah right”.

Virgil entered the WWE universe in the summer of 1987 as a bodyguard for “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBias. The wrestler was in the company from 1987 to 1994 and had many great memories of his name. Over his time in WWE, the wrestler had won the Million Dollar Championship in 1991 in the pay-per-view Summerslam.

So what are your thoughts on Virgil’s claims to have slept with a million women? Do let us know down in the comments.

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