‘People no longer in mood to accept politics of nepotism’: Home Minister Amit Shah in Odisha

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, on Monday, while launching the Odisha Chapter of “Modi@20” book said that people are no longer in a mood to accept the politics of nepotism. Shah added that family-based parties would either have to change themselves or be ready to face electoral defeats, adding that dynasty, appeasement, and corruption had plagued the politics of this country as well as eroded all democratic values after the 1960s.

Explaining how PM Narendra Modi helped change that, Shah said, “However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done the biggest work by eliminating nepotism from democracy. All the family-based parties used to move forward considering nepotism as their capital. But PM Modi replaced the politics of nepotism with politics of performances.” 

Citing the Uttar Pradesh elections as an example, the BJP leader said, “Our party won four elections (two Lok Sabha and two Assembly elections) consecutively in a state like Uttar Pradesh, where dynastic and caste politics were deep-rooted.”

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Shah further said that appeasement means converting a particular section into a vote bank by providing special benefits and sabotaging the process of development by disregarding the fundamental right of equal opportunity for all in democracy.

PM Modi also ended the politics of appeasement. Today, in the schemes made for crores of poor people of the country, no one can allege that any discrimination has been done, he said, adding, that everyone got a similar profit, but no one got a special benefit.

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“Similarly, PM Modi has curbed corruption in this country. In the past 8 years, our opponents have not been able to level a single allegation of corruption against the Modi government. In 2014, the people of the country took a historic decision giving BJP a two-thirds majority and formed the first full majority government after 30 years. After this change happened, corruption ended, decisive leadership came, policy paralysis ended,” the Union minister said.

“PM Modi always succeeds because the speed of his thinking is upwards, like the flame of a lamp… his victory is certain in 2024,” Shah added.

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