IN HIS address to the state on Thursday, New Year’s Eve, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar prayed for “politically neutral’ administration and a ‘transparent and accountable’ government in the state after the Assembly polls that are scheduled to be held this year.

In an apparent dig at the TMC government in the state, the Governor said, “Pray uniqueness and rich legacy of Bharat permits and flourishes in the state. Oneness of nation reflected in the preamble of the Indian Constitution— We the People — must guide all those who misguidedly engage in the divisive refrain of outsiders. Pray West Bengal exemplifies its enormously rich culture, its essence and spinal strength to secure 2021 elections. Shun off violence with the politically neutral stance of police and administration, people enjoying human rights and freedom and administration turns out to be transparent and accountable.”

Dhankhar added, “We have learnt many lessons in 2020. What the human grit, determination, cooperation and importance of preparations mean in tiding over the monumental crisis. And how tragedy brought many positives in us significantly – patience and empathy. Learning to survive challenges by holding hands.”

Dhankhar also wished the people of Bengal a “life without masks in 2021”.

“Warmest wishes for a very happy & joyous new year, free from calamitous troubles, constrains & worries that unfortunately plagued 2020;

City of Joy Kolkata saw those horrifying ten days of collapse of municipal services and administration paralysis,” he said in his address.

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